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Winner of the Finalist Award in the 2023 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards!


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Informative and succinct, "Home In Good Hands: A Homeowner's Guide to Construction and Renovation" is the go-to guide for any homeowner planning to renovate or build a home. The pages are packed with valuable information, pro tips, and handy guides expertly explained to keep the reader organized and on track.


Books in this space are often long-winded and full of fluff. No homeowner needs to, nor has time to, read a 300-page book on renovating or construction, so don't waste your time! Home In Good Hands is concise and free of fluff, so the reader can fit it into their undoubtedly busy life.


Read "Home In Good Hands" to learn all you need to know to successfully plan and execute your project. Make sure your home is in good hands!


Includes bonus tools and tips to help keep you organized and on track. Cost-saving tricks of the trade inside!

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