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Winner of the Finalist Award in the 2023 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards!

Informative and succinct, "Home In Good Hands: A Homeowner's Guide to Construction and Renovation" is the go-to guide for any homeowner planning to renovate or build a home. The pages are packed with valuable information, pro tips, and handy guides expertly explained to keep the reader organized and on track.

Books in this space are often long-winded and full of fluff. No homeowner needs to, nor has time to, read a 300-page book on renovating or construction, so don't waste your time! Home In Good Hands is concise and free of fluff, so readers can fit it into their undoubtedly busy lives.

Read "Home In Good Hands" to learn all you need to know to successfully plan and execute your project. Make sure your home is in good hands!




Excerpt from Chapter 1: Introduction


By linking my experiences as a contractor to what you should do as a homeowner, I will show you what approaches work and what do not and walk you through all you need to know, from project start to finish. We will discuss how to find the right contractor, review quotes and contracts, the renovation process, what happens when, and how to be a great client for your contractor and retain them for the long term. The last two chapters contain essential advice from homeowners and a glossary of key terms to keep you in the know.


Whether you are looking to expand your living space to welcome a new family member, update an aging home, or renovate for resale, the information in the following pages will help you prepare for the coming project. Renovating or building for yourself is an intimidating endeavour, especially for the first time, but by doing so you can craft your living space to be exactly how you would want it and not have to worry about fitting yourself and your family into someone else's idea of how the home should be lived in. Whatever your goal, a smoothly executed project is a great way to improve your quality of life, increase the functionality of your home and enhance the value of your property.


Contained in these pages is the advice you will need to achieve this. You may be wondering, what makes me qualified to tell you how you should prepare for your home renovation or construction project? That's a fair question, so let me explain. I have successfully operated a business in the home renovation industry, as well as profitably purchased, renovated, and sold numerous properties over the years, from boutique condo units to semi-detached, fully detached, and century homes. In total, I have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, with a decade and a half as a self-employed business owner. The lessons I learned through extensive experience are valuable to all, which is why I want to share them with you. 


During my years in the construction industry, I routinely had similar experiences with my clients. Part of my job as a contractor was to guide the homeowner through their construction/renovation project and provide them with answers to their questions. I couldn't help but feel if the homeowner had a better understanding from the start, their experience with the project could be much better. In an attempt to improve a potential client's understanding of their upcoming project, I have written this book to include important information on pre-project planning.

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